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Appointment counseling

Staff experience is the key to keeping people alive

STAYFUN funtions are so convenient, the staff is so satisfied!

Closed membership at
a more affordable price

Welfare in the app that can
take with you

Food, clothing, housing,
recreation are all satisfied

Solution of the employee welfare committee with technology

Building a five-star happiness enterprise

STAYFUN funtions are so convenient, the staff is so satisfied!

Employees can use corporate welfare anytime, anywhere to take care of their employees' livelihood at all levels of life, personalized benefits make employees feel more than they do! Let STAYFUN solve all your problems about employee welfare!

Discount Stores

Receive Gift

Group Buying



Host Events


Group buying

Easy to save on time and money by group-buying online!

  • All on-line performance/ statistics/ payment.
  • platform exclusive purchase of products at best price only at STAYFUN.
  • On-line follow-up, goods are sent directly to your home.
  • The tea group in the office is more convenient to buy in the afternoon.

Discount stores

Discount on 10,000

  • Support LBS for automatic positioning and automatic recommendation of nearby stores.
  • Food, lodging, stress, daily life and fashion shops. There is everything.


You can use smartphone to buy or transfer ticket

  • At a reduced price like the shopkeepers of the voucher to be more perfect. 
  • People to buy a voucher to give it to friends, many people will be able to enjoy.
  • Preferential treatment with, will across retail sales for the use of cell phones here.

Bunny buy

Selected quality products STAYFUN membership price

  • Enclosed price more cost-effective platform, than any other mechanism member.
  • China, covering, enterprises of goods from freight.
  • Thursday, handled within lmited time, a member of the specified commodities of panic buying.


Won't miss any news push

  • Cell phone over instant message, remind reception.
  • Personalized messages pushing radio.
  • Support groups and the entire list delivery, and attachments can be included.

Receive gift

Optional day gifts wishing doesn't grovel to send their staff to the heart

  • STAYFUN provides a list of customized gifts for enterprises, allowing employees to choose their own gifts.
  • All the work of receiving gifts is completed online, which is convenient and time-saving.
  • The gift will be delivered directly after receiving it!

Host events

Simple in governance and management to report QR code to do activities

  • Internal corporate community / lectures / education and training activities such as publicity and more.
  • Employees to report the use of QRcode, management convenience.
  • After repatriation of information, statistics to support the activity data.


The survey complete and immediate statistics on the lines more efficient

  • A questionnaire survey, conducted as can be used.
  • A variety of topics, in accordance with all kinds of situations.
  • Real-time statistics, one-click export.


The online application form batch the audit is rapidly

  • Here for progress at any time.
  • Remind an instant message, the signing of the nuclear facilities to receive.
  • Wedding or festival subsidies and tourism community and other kinds of application.

More service applications

Financial future

  • STAYFUN binds salary transfer, group purchase/afternoon tea one-click collection .
  • For personal financial tools.

More office scenes

Coming soon

  • STAYFUN will extend more office scenarios such as corporate procurement, corporate internal event registration ,etc.


Fox gave no trouble.

Fox gave no trouble.

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gave something to STAYFUN.

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Establish a new client base.

Establish a new client base.

Do you have physical store,
STAYFUN as well as exploring new client base.

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Develop new markets.

Develop new markets.

You are goods suppliers,
STAYFUN as well as exploring new business opportunities.

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Let MAYOHR help you digitalize your human resources management.