Lead you to experience the transformation of information technology

and bloom the value of human resources

With changes in the general environment, MAYO attaches great importance to the key to the future of the enterprise, and must first lay a good talent niche.

In an innovative and changing market ecology, MAYO specializes in the HR field, and is committed to popularizing information technology in human resource management. It has launched a complete and advanced Apollo comprehensive human resources solution and a STAYFUN employee welfare integration platform. It is also the exclusive agent of Cornerstone. Strengthen talent development management.

Create a human resources ecosystem through unique business strategies, focus on new applications of technology, and assist HR in giving full play to the value of talents, enhancing the company's core competitive advantages, and integrating with the world into the future.

Basic company information


Basic company information

  • Company full name

    MAYO Human Capital Inc.

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  • Founder & CEO

    James Chien

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  • For-profit business uniform number


Global layout




Chairman of the Board

James Chien

With more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of human resources, he is now currently the founder of MAYO Human Capital.

Specialized in the fields of information technology and human resource management, the company is dedicated to applying technological diversity to human resource management, encouraging companies to face the importance and realize the value of human capital.

Before founding MAYO, he served as the HR director of TSMC, Foxconn Technology, Motech Industries, Innolux, Sinyi Realty, MediaTek and GLOBAL UNICHIP. In 2013, he established MAYO Human Capital to promote human capital and Welfare Commission platform. So far , he has assisted more than 750 companies in the digital transformation of human resources.

Chief Operation Officer

Brett Ho

Having more than 20 years of experience as a professional manager of foreign software, he now currently serves as the chief operating officer.

Before joining MAYO Human Capital, he had considerable management experience in the technology software industry. Served as the COO of Camelot Technology Beijing, President of Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., CEO of Kingdee International Software Shenzhen, Global Vice President of Siebel Corporation and General Manager of Oracle Corporation Taiwan.

General Manager

Julia Su

With more than 28 years of working experience, she now currently joins MAYO Human Capital as the general manager of the ASEAN, and is responsible for ASEAN market operation strategy, business planning and development.

Before joining MAYO, she served as manager of Microsoft Taiwan, general manager of the UniPros International Business Consultancy, and CSO of Taiwan Life Insurance and the Chief delegate of Vietnam. She has rich multinational international management experience and professionalism in the insurance industry.

Sr. Vice President

Claire Fang

With more than 25 years of excellent experience in the field of B2B information software sales, she is now currently the Sr. vice president of Greater China Business Center, leading business, marketing, and consulting teams, reaching agreement on pre-sales and after-sales services, and providing customers with the most comprehensive and complete service. Leading the widespread market of MAYO products, corporate brand communication, and continuous revenue creation.

Before joining MAYO Human Capital, she worked in well-known international companies such as SAP, Palo Alto Networks, IBM and SAS Institute and had wealth of marketing experience in the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) of the technology and software network industry.

Vice President

Sharon Lin

With more than 16 years of e-commerce management experience, she joined MAYO Human Capital as the vice president of STAYFUN Business Center, leading the team to focus on more diversified applications of the Welfare Commission’s products.

Before joining MAYO, she worked for a number of well-known domestic companies, including PayEasy, Cathay Group, and Long Bon International. She has extensive experience in e-commerce platform strategy and business sales planning, and assists large groups in constructing benefits Website, has a wealth of management experience in the operation of e-commerce and corporate welfare committees, the establishment of related welfare networks and the promotion of e-commerce activities.

Assistant Vice President

Jed Lin

With 18 years of experience in software industry services, he is currently assistant vice president of Application Development Center.

He has experienced large-scale system integration development projects at abroad, and later focused on high-frequency and high-traffic online game platforms. He is good at organizing team operations and has complete and rich practical experience in the process of product exploration and delivery to continuous operation.


Nicole Chang

Having many years of experience in accounting and project execution, she have joined MAYO Human Capital as manager of finance, responsible for performing MAYO's public offering and emerging, shaping and perfecting the cross-border financial management structure.

Before joining MAYO, she worked for Ernst & Young, Vanguard, and Young Optics, specializing in strategy management and company financial analysis.