Lasso Recruitment and Assessment Tool

Rapidly and accurately target talented people and make the most of the overall effect of the right person


Lasso All-in-One Function Assessment

Function Assessment

Provide all-in-one employee assessment solution which can manage the world's assessment results on a single platform.

Meet different talent management needs

Applied to various situations such as candidates/ employees/ supervisors at all levels, analyze workforce data to achieve talent development strategy.

Group-style flexible & talent pool management

The permission model keeps your authoring content and data organized and fully supports business process and group-style flexible management.

Friendly UI/UX Design Enhance employer brand

Self-service examination delivery/ reporting with customized email templates to strengthen the employer's brand image.

Lasso All-in-One Function Assessment
All in Lasso

CAT Assessment

Fully test 21 Competencies to guide HR/Hiring Manager to ask questions about strengths and weaknesses.

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DDI Potential Plus

The test is design to assess the potential leadership of senior/ top-level manager.。

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Harrison Assessment

A talent assessment solution applied to 3 aspects of behaviors.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Behavioral Success Analysis
  • Personality Traits
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Competency Awareness Test

  • Recruitment

    General /Professional Staff recruitment, especially suitable for hiring in large quantities and provide interview key guidelines.

  • Development

    On-the-job employee assessment, as a benchmark for talent classification and individual development plan (IDP), boots self-awareness.

  • Internal transfer

    Internal employee transfer, using the functional strengths and weaknesses results to compare job requirements.

CAT Report Sample


Competency strengths and weaknesses

  • Show the highest / lowest 3 competencies of score in percentile rank

  • Provide behavioral interview questions for reference, which can be further verified during interviews

CAT Report Sample


Competency-based performance

  • Fully test 21 Competencies

  • Graphically mark the relative scores in the report, so that the HR supervisor can interpret the report more accurately

Lasso CAT
Top 4 Reliability indicators

Lasso CAT keeps improving
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Tools expansion & Reports

Various and practical functions and reports, providing HR with more effective functional assessment.


UI & UX Optimization

Continue to optimize the platform operation and portal interface to enhance HR and end-users experience.

Lasso also has AI video interviews
to help you complete a large number of accurate recruitment

Video Interview

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