Lasso Recruitment and Assessment Tool

Rapidly and accurately target talented people and make the most of the overall effect of the right person


Video interview
Accelerate primary efficiency and optimize talent


  • Through the film, the candidates directly observe the conversation and stability of the candidates.
  • Design questions first to understand whether candidates have basic expertise.
  • Ask questions based on the results of the evaluation, and learn more about the situation.

Be in office

  • A better understanding of candidates through video interviews during internal transfer.
  • You can quickly find a suitable candidate in different offices through video interviews.

Far end recruitment for
Lasso Video Interview

Diverse types of questions and
support multi-language

  • Built-in functional question bank to realize structured interviews. Multiple question types such as multiple-choice questions, survey questions, and quick answers are also provided.
  • currently supports Chinese, English, Vietnamese and other languages. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of multinational talent recruitment process.

One-click import, batch invitation,
you can complete the interview with your mobile phone

  • Customize the resume import field, and quickly import all the experience data of the candidate with one click.
  • Can be widely distributed to candidates in different regions/different countries.
  • Candidates and interviewers can do interview anywhere, anytime.

AI indicators assist judgment,
and joint scoring is objective and accurate

  • Lasso Score is calculated automatically based on 3 dimension of AI indicators.
  • Multiplayer cross-evaluation, a talent matrix will be generated after the cross evaluation. Moreover, the weight of interviewers and topics can be flexibly configured to accurately identify the talent in need.

Flexible division of permissions,
self-built audio-visual talent pool

  • Via role design, users on Lasso could be assigned to manage specific actions, and even specific vacancy management.
  • Applicants' information will be kept in the system intact, forming an enterprise's audio-visual talent pool.

Lasso Video Interview can assist companies

Easily achieve massive and precise recruitment

Efficient and time-saving, not limited by geographical time

Structured appraisal with AI to objectively analyze talents

Lasso also has CAT Function Assessment
to help you discover the potential of talents

CAT Function Assessment

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